Informativ kommentar

I går kom en kommentar med bra info. Jag klipper in den här:

Got exactly these kind of mails from Marie Klein. Unfortunately, didn’t find your blog before. Anyway, the tel.numbers they provide ( starting with +44 70 ..) are in Uk also on a scam list. The false Paypal account they use is and The name from the ”Courier Company” was Daniel Herman (HMC Logistics,, that’s also the name they use for sending the money through Western Union.

The first mistake that i made was not answering the eBay potential interested buyer through the eBay column, but directly via the email address as asked by the potential buyer (

Hope this scum will somehow end up in prison!


3 thoughts on “Informativ kommentar

  1. Tack för att du la upp detta. Blev kontaktad av denna person. Denna gång jobbar hon på rederi och vill köpa en vara på blocket. När hon fick svaret på att det säkert gick att lösa belv hon väldigt på och hetsig. denna gång är Daniel hennes Shipping agent.
    Kändes inte bra och när jag googlade hittade jag din sida. Detta skrev hon till mig, om det kan hjälpa någon annan så blir jag glad.

    tack för att du la ut detta ännu engång.

    ”The reason I want you to help me pay the pick up agent is
    because the pick up agent company only accept western union as there
    payment method and right now i’m at work on the sea at Bermuda and
    there is no western union.

    As per the e-mail Paypal sent to you, you will have to pay an upfront
    payment of 4 000sek through western union by log-in to by using credit card or find western union agent
    location, and send it to the Shipping Agent for the pick up fee, and
    you will be given the information requested at the western union
    office. which you will e-mail to Paypal by replying to the
    confirmation mail sent from them …and you will receive the whole
    money in your account without any delay after they have verified that
    you have sent the money to the shipping agent, kindly read the mail
    sent to you very well.

    Hope you understand and hope to hear from you soon”


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